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About Newspaper Index

On this site you will find names and publication dates of obituaries and other newspaper notices that we have abstracted from local newspapers.  We have abstracted over 6,000 names to date and will continue to update this online index as time allows.

If you have at least the month and year of death of an individual, obituary lookups can be provided at a reduced rate.  Please see our Missouri Obituaries page for more information.

When viewing the index, you may find some of the following notations:

AP article – This indicates that it is a news article from another part of the state or country that mentions the death of that individual.

(also page __) – This indicates that there is another mention of the death of the individual.  It could be a funeral notice, death notice, obituary, local news article, etc.  The funeral notice may contain information not noted in the obituary, such as the name of the funeral home or cemetery.  A death notice is the same as a funeral notice and like a funeral notice, was typically placed in the newspaper by the funeral home.

nee – This is the maiden name of the individual mentioned in the death notice.   Not all death notices will include a woman’s maiden name, however, if a maiden name is mentioned in the death notice, then we will include it in our index. 

Card of Thanks – This is a notice placed in the newspaper by the family of the deceased thanking those that helped in their time of need.  This notice usually appears within a month of the death.

Memoriam – This is a memorial notice placed in the newspaper by the family of the deceased on the anniversary of the individual’s death.

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