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March 9, 1951, Jefferson City, Cole, Missouri

Posted on Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Jefferson City Post Tribune

Death Notices

March 9, 1951

Page 1

Ester Gutierez, 7, Mesa Arizona, AP article

Judy Gutierez, 4, Mesa Arizona, AP article

Page 2

Friedrich Nordenholz, 70, Kansas City, AP article

Martha Beck, 31, Ossining New York, AP article

Raymond Fernandez, 36, Ossining New York, AP article

Page 6

William Robert Dale, 72, California formerly Kliever

Charles Richardson, 52, Ashland

Samuel E. Bennett, 100, Bakersfield North Carolina, AP article

Lillie W. Farmer, 78, Fulton

Arthur B. Stratman, Jefferson Barracks

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