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March 13, 1951, Jefferson City, Cole, Missouri

Posted on Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Jefferson City Post Tribune

Death Notices

March 13, 1951

Page 2

Albert Battista, 9, William Battista, 7, Richard Pagluca, 7, George Mason, 8, all of Medford Massachusetts, AP article

Mrs. Clem Lamarr, 52, Poplar Bluff, AP article

Thomas J. Ray, 46, St. Louis, AP article

Harold Bauer, 77, Miami Florida, AP article

Page 8

Mrs. Thorpe J. Gordon (Margie Irene), 53, Jefferson City formerly Montgomery City, nee Donaldson (also page 9)

John Henry Bruemmer, 83, St. Thomas formerly Wardsville (also page 9)

Mrs. Fannie B. Sutton Morrison, 68, Fulton, nee Sutton

Page 9

William H. Allen

Bertha Fleischer

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