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Obituary Lookup Volunteer Services

At Autumn Windz Research Services we participate in the Obituary Lookup Volunteer project found at

This is a free service and fees are only charged if you require photocopies mailed to you. There is no charge for scanned or transcribed obituaries that can be emailed.

Since this is a free service, there are a few restrictions that we must impose:

1. You must provided us with the full name of the deceased along with at least the month and year of death.

2. The deceased must have had a connection to Jefferson City Missouri where finding an obituary in a local newspaper is likely.

3. We only offer our free search in newspapers published in Jefferson City Missouri and found at our local library on microfilm.

4. A limit of 3 free lookup requests per researcher in a six month period.

To request a lookup, please complete the form below. Please note that free lookups take up to four weeks, depending on many factors. If for any reason we are unable to provide you with a lookup, you will be notified.


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