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January 7, 1945, Jefferson City, Cole, Missouri

Posted on Monday, May 28th, 2007

Jefferson City Post Tribune

Death Notices

January 7, 1945

Page 1

Winston Groves, 16, Bonnots Mill

Staff Sgt. Robert Gilmore, 20, article indicates he is a POW (prisoner of war) in Germany

Page 2

Patsy Freeman, 10, and Jackie Freeman, 12, children of Ray Freeman, Leadwood

J. Polk McClanahan, 70, Fulton

Mrs. Annie K. Wheat, 76, Washington Park

Page 6

Mrs. C. P. Breen, 83, Platte City, AP article

William Ewens, 84, Tebbets

Page 10

William I. Ewens

Victor Malan, Belle

Tremain Treffe Mantle, 21, San Diego California formerly Jefferson City

Mrs. Annie K. Wheat, 76, Washington Park

Mrs. Theresa Eggemann, card of thanks

Albert Schepers, card of thanks

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